Cabarete boasts warm sun, clear blue sky and strong wind most days of the year. It is essentially a tropical dream paradise. The weather typically ranges from the mid-70’s to low 90’s depending upon the season. Basically, it’s swimsuit weather year-round.

The “hottest” months of the year are from June through October, temperature is usually in the late 80′s/low 90′s. “Winter” months are December through March, temperature is usually in the mid 70′s. It may be slightly cooler at night, especially if you are located on the beach. A long sleeve shirt, however, will do the job.

Being in a tropical climate zone means humidity. As long as you are on the beach, there is always a cool, soothing breeze that makes it less humid and more comfortable.

Rainy season typically starts in October and continues on through December. The rain usually does not last long, the sun always comes out for most of the day. This is a good time for traveling as there are fewer tourists, prices for hotels and restaurants are cheaper and store owners are much more willing to make deals.

Hurricanes occasionally pass through this region, mainly from August to October. Fortunately, Cabarete has never been in the direct path of these in recent history. On a few rare occasions, it caught the edges of some tropical storms which resulted in heavy rain and strong wind for 2 to 3 days. Although the paths of hurricanes are unpredictable, based on the weather history, it will be most unlikely for you to be caught in a hurricane while you are in Cabarete.

Overall, visitors to Cabarete can expect nice sunny weather with clear blue sky and ideal weather conditions for kiteboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

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