Robinson Hilario – iKite Video

Dominican Rider Robinson Hilario is a Kite Beach, Cabarete local who has been doing pretty well in the 2014 PKRA World Tour. Hilario placed second at the seasons first event in Panama, but didn’t fare as well in the second event in Daklha, Morocco. Although he made it to the main event, he was bumped out in his second heat of the singles by Alex Neto and then in the doubles by Mario Rodwald. That being said, he is still ranked fifth in the world as the next PKRA event in France approaches.

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PKRA Not Coming to Cabarete for 2014

We were all stoked to see Cabarete on the PKRA Tour schedule for 2014. Although there was never a formal announcement, there was definitely a page on PKRA website with a date and a listed event coordinator at some point. I think most of us noticed that Cabarete was on the schedule while was watching the PKRA live feed from Panama, where hometown rider, Robinson Hilario came in second place.

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Robinson Hilario – Road to Morocco Video

Robison Hilario is one of six pro Dominican kiteboarders heading out to the 2nd PKRA event of 2014. Located in Dakhla, Morocco, The Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup will showcase a mix of freestyle and wave riding on March 18-23. Sponsored by F-one Kites and Chicken Dick Kitesurf, Hilario pulled out a 2nd place finish at the first PKRA event of the season in Punta Chame, Panama hosted at Nitro City Panama. This time, he hopes to top his last performance by bringing the number one trophy back to Cabarete.

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Starkites Rides the D.R. Open Kiteboarding Competition 2014

March 6-9, 2014 marked the 3rd year for the one of the best local kiteboarding competitions in all of Cabarete, The D.R. Open Kiteboarding Competition. All of the local stars were on Bozo Beach and ready to show off their skills to the crowd and the international riders who also came to compete. Ultimately, hometown Starkites rider Luis Alberto Cruz stomped the competition and rode away with the first place trophy.

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Biggest Moments of PKRA Panama 2014

As you may or may not know, 8 of the best riders from Cabarete Dominican Republic headed out for the first PKRA event of the season located in Punta Champe at Nitro City Panama. Local Kite Beach rider, Robinson Hilario, walked away from the pro kiteboarding event with a well deserved second place finish! Posito Martinez didn’t do too shabby either and he placed 6th out of the 24 premiere riders that made in into the main event.

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