Cabarete Taxi Fares

In a previous article, we talked about public transportation as an easy and inexpensive way to get around Cabarete. Although the guagua, moto concho, or carrito is the most common form of transportation, it is not always the most comfortable. If you are in need of a little legroom or if you have a few friends you would like to share a ride with, taxis are a great alternative.

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Cabarete Public Transportation Guide

Although Cabarete is a pretty small town, you will still find that you need to get around somehow. Walking the beach is fun, but sometimes you just don’t feel like it. As a visitor, public transportation is definitely the easiest, cheapest option. Gas is about USD $6 here, so…yea. It’s expensive. You have several choices when it comes to public transportation: motoconcho, guagua, carrito (caro publico).

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Instagram Contest Winner

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF OUR INSTAGRAM CONTEST About a month ago we decided to join Instagram. It turns out to have been a great idea. We love it. It is a great way for us to check out what kite surfers are doing around the world and to share a slice of life here on Kite Beach with our followers. In 5 weeks we reached over 1000 followers – amazing!

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Guide for Cabarete Hotels

Hotels in Cabarete, what to look for? We all love to take a vacation. Finding the “perfect hotel”, however, is another matter. There are many hotels in Cabarete that meet different needs and budgets. When choosing your ideal hotel in Cabarete, you may want to consider the following: Why do you want to come to Cabarete? Are you interested in water sports? What kind(s) of water sports? Are you interested in the vibrant night life and restaurants Cabarete has to offer? Are you looking for luxurious hotels, beach or oceanfront hotels, budget hotels, all inclusive resorts or are you looking for condos or apartments? What do you consider as necessities? Internet, 24/7 electricity, hot water, air conditioning, etc.?

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New Building with 15 Units!

Many guests asked for rooms with kitchenette. Kite Beach Inn has added 11 studios with kitchenettes; 8 with ocean view balconies. Our new building is very close to completion. We will be fully functional very soon.

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